My name is Simon Ahammer, I have been an admitted lawyer in Munich since 1998. As a lawyer, I focus mainly on IT law and data protection. Even before I started working as a lawyer, I started with the professional development of software solutions for the legal market and have continued to do so to this day. Further details about my knowledge can be found in the section About me.

Due to this dual qualification as a lawyer and software developer/architect, it is possible for me to pursue the digitalization of the legal market simultaneously from legal and technical perspectives and to assess its benefits, risks and general consequences for the practice of law in a practice-relevant manner.

This website is intended to give a general overview of the potential that the use of software solutions and services already opens up in the practice of law, in order to make working as a lawyer in a law firm or in a company simpler, more effective and – not to be neglected – more interesting.

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