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consulting - Digitalisation

You want to make your law firm or your legal department "more digital" and use the potential that modern software solutions can offer, but you don't know how to start or which specific possibilities "LegalTech" may open up for you? Together with you and your team, I develop agile and practical concepts using prototyping and MVPs (Minimum Value Products) and help you with the selection and implementation of the targeted solutions and applications.

workshops about legaltech

Would you like to get an overview of the topic first, but already consider the actual situation of your law firm or legal department? I give workshops (half-day or full-day) on digitization in the legal market, which, in addition to many live demonstrations of selected tools, also take your organizational and business structure into account. In addition, I conduct workshops on the subject of "Coding for Lawyers", which include the participants' first practical programming experience.

Help with selection & introduction of software in the legal market

You would like to use software solutions for a certain use case in the future, but don't know exactly which one or you are planning the introduction of a certain application, but need support with testing and/or implementation? My technical understanding, combined with my knowledge of the legal profession, can certainly help you to successfully complete such projects.

support in the developing of legal tech applications

You have an idea for a new software solution in the legal market, but still need input regarding the requirements and wishes of the target group? With my years of experience as a lawyer as well as a software architect and developer, I am happy to help you to better align and position your future product to the needs and wishes of the intended customer.

legal advice

Do you have legal questions regarding the use of cloud applications or SaaS solutions or other legal questions in the software technology environment? As an admitted attorney with the necessary technical background, I can also help you in these areas.

Presentations at congresses and events

Would you like a presentation on digitization topics in the legal market or on the latest technological trends in the legal advisory business with practical relevance? I will be happy to help you with this.

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