Only those who change remain true to themselves (Wolfgang Biermann)

After experiencing the increasing influence of digitization in legal services (and also the reactions of those responsible in management and IT departments) in various positions and companies (medium-sized large law firms, specialist publishers and start-ups) in my past professional years, I repeatedly noticed that one of the major challenges in the development of suitable strategies for the use of software solutions and services is the different way lawyers think and communicate on the one hand and “software nerds” on the other.

Two Worlds

This lack of understanding often leads to completely mistaken ideas as to what “digitalization” actually means for a law firm or legal department, how to deal with it and – above all – how to implement appropriate changes both organizationally and technically.

This dissent in understanding and communication has so far not been important for the business success of a law firm. The professionals were responsible for processing the mandate, while the IT department was primarily responsible for the operation of the organisational infrastructure (e-mail, network, printer).

However, with the increasing use of software applications in the actual legal advisory work itself, this well-rehearsed distribution of roles is now changing and both parties should work together more and more frequently.

Translation - Please !

Since both “worlds” therefore more and more often “have to” form a team, in my opinion an “interpreter” is needed who understands both groups and also has professional experience both as a lawyer and in the software world in order to formulate and transport the corresponding translations.

Based on my practical professional experience as a lawyer and simultaneous experience in software development (for more than 27 years) in a legal context, I believe that I can perform the above function efficiently and successfully.

For this reason, I have decided to become an independent consultant for law firms and legal departments in this area starting in September. You can find further details on my consulting activities here.


So, if you are at the beginning of considerations on how to make your law firm or legal department more “digital” in the future, need support in the selection/introduction of Legal Tech solutions or simply want to get a first overview of the possibilities of modern software products and services for your special consulting activities, I would be glad if you would get in touch with me.

“When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others windmills.” – Chinese saying